September 2014

*The homework page will be updated each week. Please check it for questions about the week’s homework.

We are learning our routine and diving in to our reading, math, and science/social studies lessons. Here is what we are focusing on in September:

We will be doing PALS testing this month. This is a test of student’s reading and spelling skills.

Reading Comprehension:
1.9e Answer who, what, where, when questions
1.9c Relate Previous experiences
1.1b Retell in logical order
1.9g Retell story
1.9h Main Idea or Theme
1.9g Beginning, Middle, End
1.9d Predictions

Vocabulary Words from stories read in class (Your child only needs to know the meaning of these words):
thought, normal, embarrassed,jealous, reached, wrong, never, finally, wonderful, pretended, considerate, furious, miniature, rarely, frightened

Word Wall Words (The words with an asterisk* are words your child can use to spell other words):
9/1: here, jump*, can*, not, we
9/8: big*, have, it*, who, to
9/15: Review previous words
9/22: in*, what, I, did*, like*
9/29: get*, said, is, my*, you

9/1: shapes 1.12 & 1.13
9/8: sorting by 1 or more attributes 1.12 & 1.16
9/15: count and write numbers to 30 1.1a & 1.2
9/22: compare numbers to 30 and equality CCPS & 1.18
9/29: ordinal numbers CCPS

Science/Social Studies
9/1: Seasons-Summer 1.7
9/8 & 9/15: American Symbols 1.11
9/22: Motion and Sound 1.2
9/29: Past/Present and Timelines 1.1