October 2014

We are finishing the first nine week’s of school. Here is what we will be learning this month!


Reading Comprehension:The first part of the month we will focus on nonfiction. The last part of the month will focus on fiction.
1.10b Use prior or background knowledge
1.10c Set a purpose for reading
1.10f Answer Who, What, When, Where
1.10g Main Idea and Details
1.9c Relate experiences to what is read
1.9h Main idea or theme of fiction story
1.9b set purpose for reading, activate prior knowledge
1.9d make & confirm prediction

Vocabulary Words:
Oct. 6: covered, tiny, collect
Oct. 13:train, apply, famous
Oct. 20: until, thirsty, busy
Oct. 27: careful, fair, true

Word Wall Words: (The words with an asterisk* will be used to spell other words.
Oct. 6: are, they, fun*, but*, where
Oct. 13: Review previous words
Oct. 20: animal, look*, of, see*, will*
Oct. 27: some, why, all*, kick*, she

Whole group phonics:
short vowels a,e, i, o, u
Digraphs ch, sh, th, wh


Oct. 6: Add and Subtract 1 and 2
Oct. 13: Story problems
Oct. 20: Add and Subtract 0
Oct. 27: Count and write numbers to 100


Oct. 6: Past/Present and Timelines
Oct. 13: Columbus Day
Oct. 20: Sun and Earth
Oct. 27: Sun and Earth

Important Dates:
Timeline Projects due Wednesday, October 8th
Report Cards go home October 23rd.
Conferences are October 28th and 29th