December 2014

We have a few more weeks until Winter Break and the end of the first semester. We will continue to learn and practice new and old reading and math skills. Here is what we are doing this month:


1.9g Retell stories & events, using beg., mid., & end
1.9e Answer who, what, where, when, and how questions.
1.9d make & confirm prediction

Word Wall Words-
Dec. 1: car*, come, down*, new*, be
Dec. 8: Review: who, what, will*, where, why*
Dec. 15: night*, day*, brother, sister, that*

Vocabulary Words-
Dec. 1: swallow, ease, mope, fraction, consumer
Dec. 8: across, delicious, reward, coins, services
Dec. 15: discovered, cozy, enormous, graph, earn

Whole Group Phonics-
‘r’ blends; nasals (mp, nd, nk, ng)

1.13e Capitalization of names, months, and days
1.13 Writing a Friendly Letter
1.13a Prewriting (Generate Ideas)
1.13d Use complete sentences-correct usage of is and are

Dec. 1: Fractions SOL 1.3
Dec. 8: Identify Coins and Equivalency SOL 1.7a & 1.18
Dec. 15: Graphing SOL 1.14 & 1.15

Science/Social Studies:
Dec. 1: Needs and Wants SOL 1.8
Dec. 8: Goods &Services/ Producers & Consumers SOL 1.7
Dec. 15: Saving Money SOL 1.9


We are working hard on our reading and math. This is what we are doing this month:


1.9f Identify character, setting and important events
1.11b Use picture dictionary to find meaning of unknown words
1.10f answer who, what, where, when and how questions
1.10g Main Idea, Topic, Details
1.10d Identify text features and use to locate facts (Table of Contents)
1.10e Make and confirm predictions

Word Wall Words:
11/3: eat*, am*, with, from, us
11/10: children, no*,play*, good,*your
11/17: friend, girl*, best*, them, when*
11/24: Review Previous Word Wall Words

Whole Group Phonics:
Digrahps, ‘s’, ‘l’, ‘r’ blends

11/3: Compare #s to 100/Group objects into tens and ones CCPS & 1.1b
11/10: Place Value 1.1b
11/17: Add/Subtract 10 and Story Problems 1.5 and 1.6
11/24: Time to the Hour 1.8

Science and Social Studies
Seasons-Fall 1.7
Famous Americans 1.2 (Project Due Nov. 21)