January 2015

Welcome back!
We are beginning the 3rd nine week’s of school. I am very proud of all the students have learned in the first half of the year. Here is what we will be learning in January:


Week of Jan. 5
1.10e Make and confirm predictions
1.10f Ask and answer, who, what, where, why, when and how questions
1.10g Identify the main idea and details
Week of Jan. 12
1.9 f Identify characters, setting and important events
Week of Jan. 19
1.9h Identify the main idea or theme
Week of Jan. 26
Poetry: 1.9h Identify words and phrases that suggest feelings or appeal to the senses
1.9i Read and reread poems with accuracy and meaningful expression

Word Wall Words:
Jan. 5: over, how*, house, made*, make*
Jan. 12: was, her, little, ride*, nice*
Jan. 19: out*, went*, do, won’t, can’t
Jan. 26: there, thing*, for, had*, favorite

Whole Group Phonics:
Jan. 5: a-e
Jan. 12: i-e
Jan. 19: o-e
Jan. 26: u-e and review all patterns above

Prewriting 1.13a
Editing 1.13e
Exclamation Marks 1.13e


Jan. 5 Skip Counting and Counting Backwards SOL 1.2
Jan. 12 Counting Groups of Like Coins SOL 1.7
Jan. 19 Place Value SOL 1.1
Jan. 26 Doubles and Halves SOL 1.5

Science/Social Studies:

Jan. 5 Seasons-Winter SOL 1.7
Jan. 12 Geography-the effect of climate and surroundings SOL 1.6
Jan. 19 Communities SOL 1.12
Jan. 26 Communities SOL 1.12