March 2015

We are finishing the 3rd nine weeks of school and going into the 4th nine weeks. We will be working hard this month. Here is what we will be doing:


Comprehension Strategies:
1.9b Set a purpose for reading
1.9d Make and confirm predictions
1.10b Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning
1.10d Use text features to locate facts and information (table of contents, captions, headings, illustrations, photographs, glossary, charts)
1.10g Identify the main idea and details
1.10c set a purpose for reading
1.1d Participate in creative dramatics
1.9i read and read familiar stories and passages practicing meaningful expression

Word Wall Words:
3/2: zoo, school*, teacher, off, old*
3/9: talk*, his, very, know*, pretty
3/16: after, people, put, could, their
3/23: Review: they, was, what, night*, out*, some
3/30: Review: want, could, of, because, are, who

1.13 Animal Report
1.13b Focus on writing narrative piece that includes two sequenced events with some details and conclusion
1.13 Review writing process using writers check list 1.13e Review correct punctuation, capitalization
1.13e Capitalization of Months, Days of the Week and first and last name. Using commas in dates

Whole Group Phonics:
‘ee’ and ‘ea’
‘oon’ and ‘ook’
compound words
sounds of ‘y’


3/2 Time to Half Hour (SOL 1.8)
3/9 Estimation and Calendar Language (SOL 1.4 and 1.11)
3/16 Addition/Subtraction Near Doubles Strategy (SOL 1.5)
3/23 Addition/Subtraction Using Tens Strategy (SOL 1.5)
3/30 Equality (SOL 1.18)


Animals SOL 1.5
Natural Resources SOL 1.8
Seasons SOL 1.7