April 2015

We are about halfway finished the last nine weeks of school. We are continuing to work hard and learn new things. We will also be reviewing in many areas to prepare for second grade.

1.9a Preview the selection by looking at the story’s cover and illustrations, title, and headings
1.9f Identify characters, setting, and important events (Use illustrations and details to describe characters, setting, and important events)
1.9c Relate previous experiences to what is read
1.9b Set a purpose for reading
1.9f Make and confirm predictions

Word Wall Words:
4/13: want, of, are, could, because, who (Review)
4/20: Review A-E (after, all, am, and, animal, are, at, away, be, because, best, big, boy, brother, but, can, can’t, car, children, Come, could, day, did, do, down, eat)
4/27: Review F-K (favorite, for, friend, from, fun, get, girl, give, go, good, had, has, have, her, here, him, his, house, how, I, in, is, it, jump, kick, know)

1.13 Write informative/ explanatory text that introduces a topic, states an opinion, or some facts, add a concluding sentences
1.13d Use complete sentences in final pieces and using pronouns and was and were
1.13 Write a Message
1.13e Capitalization of Months, Days of the Week and first and last name. Using commas in dates

4/13: Story problems 1.6
4/20: Counting mixed coins 1.7b
4/27: Graphing 1.14 & 1.15

4/13 & 4/20: Plants 1.4
4/27: Water 1.3