November 2015

We are into our second nine week’s of school. I enjoyed meeting with all the parents about their child’s progress. We will continue to work hard this month. This is what we are doing:


1.9f Identify character, setting and important events
1.9 g) Retell stories and events, using beginning, middle, and end.
1.10g Main Idea and Details (nonfiction)
Review 1.10d Identify text features (nonfiction)
1.11b Use picture dictionary to find meaning of unknown words
1.1a Listen to a variety of electronic media and other age appropriate material
1.10a,c Set a purpose for reading and preview a selection

Word Wall Words:
11/2: eat*, she, why, all*, kick*
11/9: some, from, us, with, yellow
11/16: children, come, play*, no*, your
11/23: no new words this week
11/30: friend, girl, best*, them, when*

Whole group phonics:
11/2: ‘s’ blends
11/9: ‘l’ blends
11/16: ‘r’ blends
11/23: ‘r’ blends
11/30: endings-‘ng’, ‘nk’

1.13e Asking sentences
1.13 a & c Generate ideas and use descriptive words
1.13 Nonfiction writing.(Writing on topic)
1.13 Writing Lists
Ex: guests, grocery list, Thanksgiving dinner


11/2: Place Value 1.1b
11/9: Fractions 1.3
11/16: Time to the hour 1.8
11/23: Addition/Subtraction Review
11/30: Addition/Subtraction of 0 with story problems 1.5 and 1.6

Science and Social Studies

11/2: Season-Fall 1.7
11/9: Experiments 1.1
11/16 and 11/23: Past, Present, Future 1.1
11/30: Needs and Wants and Saving Money 1.8 and 1.9