January 2016

It is the 3rd nine week’s of school!
We will continue to work hard. Here is what we will be learning this month:


Week of 1/4: 1.10d Identify text features
Week of 1/11: 1.10a,c Set a purpose for reading and preview a selection
(Realistic Fiction)
Week of 1/18: 1.9e Ask and answer, who, what, where, why, when and how
Focus on ‘why’ and ‘how’ (Cause and Effect)
Week of 1/25: 1.1d Participate in creative dramatics 1.9i read and read familiar stories and passages practicing meaningful expression 1.9 f Identify characters, setting and important events

Word Wall Words: (words with an asterisk can be used to spell other words)
Week of 1/4: how*, make*, made*, over, house
Week of 1/11: was, her, little, ride*, nice*
Week of 1/18: night*, brother, sister, that*, day*
Week of 1/25: there, me, for, had*, favorite

Whole group phonics:
Long Vowels with silent ‘e’

1.13 Narrative Writing
1.13b Writing on a Topic
1.13e Editing: Capital letters, punctuation in final copies


Week of 1/4: Place value-value of a digit (1.1b)
Week of 1/11: Counting backwards and Skip Counting (SOL 1.2)
Week of 1/18: Counting groups of like coins (SOL 1.7b)
Week of 1/25: Doubles and Halves (SOL 1.5)

Science and Social Studies
Week of 1/4: Seasons-Winter 1.7
Week of 1/11: Geography Map Skills 1.4a, b & 1.5
Week of 1/18: Geography Map Skills 1.4a, b & 1.5
Week of 1/25: Geography-VA and US 1.4