January 2017

We are beginning the third nine weeks. Here is what we are learning this month:



1.10d Identify text features
1.10a,c Set a purpose for reading and preview a selection (Realistic Fiction)
1.9e Ask and answer, who, what, where, why, when and how Focus on ‘why’ and ‘how’ (Cause and Effect)
1.1d Participate in creative dramatics 1.9i read and read familiar stories and passages practicing meaningful expression


Long a (silent e)
Long i (silent e)
Long o (silent e)
Long u (silent e)

Word Wall Words:
over, how*, house, made*, make*
was, her, little, ride*, nice*
night*, brother, sister, day*, that*
there, me, for, had*, favorite

1.13 Narrative Writing
1.13b Writing on a Topic
1.13e Editing: Capital letters, punctuation in final copies
1.13 Write a play to perform


Story Problems 1.6
Counting Backwards & Skip Counting 1.2
Counting Groups of Like Coins 1.7b
Doubles and Halves 1.5


Seasons-Winter 1.7
Martin Luther King Jr. and Martin Luther King Jr. Day 1.4c
Geography Map Skills-1.4 a,b & 1.5
Geography-VA & US 1.4