May 2017

We are in our last month of school. Your child is working hard to get ready for second grade. Here is what we are doing this month:


1.9h Identify the Main Idea or Theme. Also identify words or phrases that suggest feelings or appeal to the senses.
1.9g Retell stories and events, using beginning, middle, and end.
1.9e Answer who, what, when, where, why, and how questions about what is read

Word Wall Words:
Week of 5/1: may, open, round, as, stop
Week of 5/8: begin, began, want, went,new, now
Week of 5/15: Days of the Week

Vocabulary Words:
Week of 5/1: spectacular, talent, disappointed, length, stem
Week of 5/8: through, slice, himself, volume, edible
Week of 5/15: blinked, asleep, lonely, difference, symbol

Whole Group Phonics
Endings-‘s’ and ‘es’
Endings-‘ed’ and ‘ing’
Sounds of y

1.13 Write a letter
1.13 Story Writing and Share Writing

Measurement: Length, Volume, Weight
Addition and Subtraction Review

Virginia Symbols
Independence Day