November 2017

Here is what we are learning this month:


1.9g Retell stories and events, using beginning, middle, and end.
1.10g Main Idea and Details
1.10d Identify text features
1.11b Use picture dictionary to find meaning of unknown words
1.9f Identify character, setting and important events (problem and solution)

Word Wall Words:
some, from, us, yellow, with
come, play*, no*, your, green
best*, them, when, sing*, drink*

Vocabulary Words:
diary, fault, judge, analog, patriotic
Tough, replace, enemies, half-hour, investigate
ease, swallow, mope, value, services


Time to the hour 1.9
Time to the ½ hour 1.9
Coin Values & Equivalencies 1.8
Coin values & Counting Groups of like coins 1.8


American Symbols 1.11
Experiments 1.1
Thanksgiving 1.4
Economics- goods & services 1.7