December 2017

We are finishing up our 2nd nine weeks before Winter Break. We will continue to practice reading and math, along with adding in some fun, holiday themed activities.



Articles and Magazine
1.1a Listen to a variety of electronic media and other age appropriate material
1.10a,c Set a purpose for reading and preview a selection
Christmas Around the World
1.10 f) Answer who, what, where, when, why, and how questions about what is read.

Word Wall Words:

down*, new*, want, be, fast
found, kind, old*, call*, sit*
Review: who, will, what, where, when, why

Vocabulary Words:
donate, meal, actions, ten frame, consumer
decorate,powerful, return, doubles, cost
ordinal, wilt

Making Ten 1.7
Doubles and Halves 1.7
Ordinal Numbers 1.3

Economics: Consumers and Produces 1.7
Economics: Saving Money; Cost and Benefit 1.8 & 1.9
Winter 1.7