February 2018

We are halfway finished our 3rd nine weeks of school. Here is what we are learning this month:

February 5th -9th
Word Wall Words: out*, went*, do, don’t, pull

Vocabulary Words: smelly, garbage, burnt, greater than, tame

Math: Part- Place Value to 110 & Comparing objects (>,<,=)

Unit: Animals

February 12th – 15th
Word Wall Words: this, give, away*, came*, up

Vocabulary Words: worse, amazed, suddenly, set, appendages

Math: Part- Order sets up to 110 objects from greatest to least and least to greatest

Unit: Animal Project

February 20th -23rd
Word Wall Words: has, very, again, he, grow*

Vocabulary Words: allow, argue, separate, estimate, president

Math: Magnitude

Unit: Presidents’ Day
George Washington & Thomas Jefferson

February 26th –March 2nd
Word Wall Words: him, tell*, because, read, sleep*

Vocabulary Words: while, create, beautiful, graph, influential

Math: Making Graphs

Unit: Influential Virginians- Arthur Ashe, Maggie Walker