November 2018

We are into our second nine week of school. We are getting into a good routine and learning a lot! We are growing in our reading and math skills. Here is what we are learning this month:


1.10 a, b, c, f
-Preview selection
-Use background knowledge
-Set a purpose for reading
-Answer questions
1.10 d, e, f
-text features
-Make and confirm predictions
-Ask and answer questions
1.10 b, f
-Use background Knowledge
-Ask and answer questions

L Blends
R Blends
Endings-ng and nk

Word Wall Words
some, from, us, with, yellow
come, play*, no*, your, green
best*, them, when, sing*, drink*

1.9 Telling Time to the hour and half-hour
1.14 Patterns

1.11 American Symbols
1.1 Experiments
1.5 Animals