February 2019

Here is what we are learning this month:



1.10f Ask and answer who, what, where, when, why, and how questions about what is read

1.10b, c, f

-Use prior knowledge

-Set a purpose

-Ask and answer who, what, where, when, why, and how questions about what is read

1.10 e

Make and confirm predictions

Word Wall Words:

2/4: out*, pull, don’t, do, went*

2/11: this, give, away*, came*, up

2/18: has, very, again, he, grow*

2/25: him, tell*, because, read, sleep*

Whole Group Phonics:


Endings (s, ed, ing)

long a (a-e, ai, ay)

long o (o-e, oa, ow, oe)


Place Value

Comparing Numbers

Comparing Sets




Economics (Producers, Consumers, Saving Money, Making Choices)

President’s Day-George Washington and Thomas Jefferson


January 2019

We have finished the first semester of first grade! We will continue to build reading and math skills this month. Here is what we are doing:



1.9c, e, f: relate previous experience; ask and answer questions; identify theme

1.9d: make and confirm predictions

1.2d: participate in creative dramatics

1.9f, g: identify characters, setting, events; retell story

Word Wall Words:

1/7: how, over, make*, made*, gave*

1/14: was, her, little, ride*, both

1/21: does, those*, take*, that*, which

1/28: there, for, me*, had*, use

Vocabulary Words:

1/7: proud, charmed, decision, hundred, cardinal direction

1/14: prize, watch, own, sequence, map legend

1/21: someday, chance, landed, story problem, capital

1/28: election, results, demanded, tens and ones, services


1/7: Counting and Writing numbers to 110, starting at any number 1.1b

1/14: Oral counting backwards from 30 and Oral skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s 1.1d and c

1/21: Story problems 1.6

1/21: Place value 1.2


1.5: Maps: Symbols, Cardinal Directions, Constructing a Map, Shapes of US and Virginia, locate Washington DC and Richmond on map

1.4: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1.7: Economics: Goods and Services