January 2019

We have finished the first semester of first grade! We will continue to build reading and math skills this month. Here is what we are doing:



1.9c, e, f: relate previous experience; ask and answer questions; identify theme

1.9d: make and confirm predictions

1.2d: participate in creative dramatics

1.9f, g: identify characters, setting, events; retell story

Word Wall Words:

1/7: how, over, make*, made*, gave*

1/14: was, her, little, ride*, both

1/21: does, those*, take*, that*, which

1/28: there, for, me*, had*, use

Vocabulary Words:

1/7: proud, charmed, decision, hundred, cardinal direction

1/14: prize, watch, own, sequence, map legend

1/21: someday, chance, landed, story problem, capital

1/28: election, results, demanded, tens and ones, services


1/7: Counting and Writing numbers to 110, starting at any number 1.1b

1/14: Oral counting backwards from 30 and Oral skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s 1.1d and c

1/21: Story problems 1.6

1/21: Place value 1.2


1.5: Maps: Symbols, Cardinal Directions, Constructing a Map, Shapes of US and Virginia, locate Washington DC and Richmond on map

1.4: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1.7: Economics: Goods and Services