March 2019

Here is what we are learning this month:



1.10a, b, c, f

-preview selection

-use prior knowledge

-set a purpose

-ask and answer questions

1.9 g retelling stories and events

1.8b Picture Dictionary


Ask and answer,  who, what, where, why, when and how

1.9h Identify Theme

Word Wall Words:

off , cold*, many, upon, were

going, say*, think*, live, soon*

pretty, his, saw*, know*, or

after, put, their, could, hurt

Whole Group Phonics:

Long e

oon, ook

or, ar

er, ir, ur

Vocabulary Words:

Argument, negative, opinion, survey, liquid

While, create, beautiful, Fair share, climate

Crash, sense, ducked, fraction , bud

spectacular, talent, disappointed, equal, government


1.12 Graphing

1.4 Fair Shares and Fractions

1.15 Equality


1.3 Matter

1.6 Geography

1.7 Spring

1.13 Government