April 2019



1.9e Ask and Answer who, what, when, where, why, and how questions about what is read.

1.9h Identify theme

1.9 f Identify characters, setting, events

1.9d, g, h predicting, retell story, identify theme

Word Wall Words:

one, two, three*, four, five*

ate*, must, our, too*, right*

under, by*, well*, white*, any

ask, once, every, just*, please


Compound Words

y-says i, y-says e, igh

ou and ow

oi and oy

Vocabulary words:

fascinated, delicate, seldom length, natural resource

Smelly, garbage, burnt, volume, reuse

careful, fair, true, money equality

expensive, fiercest, magnificent, digit, tradition


1.10-Measurement-Length, Weight, Volume

1.8-Coin Review

1.2a-Value of digit-Place Value


1.8: Natural Resources

1.3: Influential Virgians

1.12: Virginia Symbols