May 2019

We are almost finished our school year!!

Students have been working really hard. Here is what we are doing this month:



1.9c, d, f, g, h

-relate previous experience

-identify characters, setting, events

-retell stories

-make and confirm predictions

-identify theme

1.2d  Participate in creative dramatics

Word Wall Words:

Week of May 6: may*, open, round*, as, stop*

Week of May 13: walk*, goes, these, wish*, write

Week of May 20: review

Vocabulary Words:

Week of May 6: tempting, enter, peacefully, yesterday and today, stem

Week of May 13: foolish, splendid, impatient, sum, edible

Week of May 20: review


1.9: Calendar Language

1.7: Fact fluency



Holidays: Fourth of July