May 2019

We are almost finished our school year!!

Students have been working really hard. Here is what we are doing this month:



1.9c, d, f, g, h

-relate previous experience

-identify characters, setting, events

-retell stories

-make and confirm predictions

-identify theme

1.2d  Participate in creative dramatics

Word Wall Words:

Week of May 6: may*, open, round*, as, stop*

Week of May 13: walk*, goes, these, wish*, write

Week of May 20: review

Vocabulary Words:

Week of May 6: tempting, enter, peacefully, yesterday and today, stem

Week of May 13: foolish, splendid, impatient, sum, edible

Week of May 20: review


1.9: Calendar Language

1.7: Fact fluency



Holidays: Fourth of July

April 2019



1.9e Ask and Answer who, what, when, where, why, and how questions about what is read.

1.9h Identify theme

1.9 f Identify characters, setting, events

1.9d, g, h predicting, retell story, identify theme

Word Wall Words:

one, two, three*, four, five*

ate*, must, our, too*, right*

under, by*, well*, white*, any

ask, once, every, just*, please


Compound Words

y-says i, y-says e, igh

ou and ow

oi and oy

Vocabulary words:

fascinated, delicate, seldom length, natural resource

Smelly, garbage, burnt, volume, reuse

careful, fair, true, money equality

expensive, fiercest, magnificent, digit, tradition


1.10-Measurement-Length, Weight, Volume

1.8-Coin Review

1.2a-Value of digit-Place Value


1.8: Natural Resources

1.3: Influential Virgians

1.12: Virginia Symbols

March 2019

Here is what we are learning this month:



1.10a, b, c, f

-preview selection

-use prior knowledge

-set a purpose

-ask and answer questions

1.9 g retelling stories and events

1.8b Picture Dictionary


Ask and answer,  who, what, where, why, when and how

1.9h Identify Theme

Word Wall Words:

off , cold*, many, upon, were

going, say*, think*, live, soon*

pretty, his, saw*, know*, or

after, put, their, could, hurt

Whole Group Phonics:

Long e

oon, ook

or, ar

er, ir, ur

Vocabulary Words:

Argument, negative, opinion, survey, liquid

While, create, beautiful, Fair share, climate

Crash, sense, ducked, fraction , bud

spectacular, talent, disappointed, equal, government


1.12 Graphing

1.4 Fair Shares and Fractions

1.15 Equality


1.3 Matter

1.6 Geography

1.7 Spring

1.13 Government

February 2019

Here is what we are learning this month:



1.10f Ask and answer who, what, where, when, why, and how questions about what is read

1.10b, c, f

-Use prior knowledge

-Set a purpose

-Ask and answer who, what, where, when, why, and how questions about what is read

1.10 e

Make and confirm predictions

Word Wall Words:

2/4: out*, pull, don’t, do, went*

2/11: this, give, away*, came*, up

2/18: has, very, again, he, grow*

2/25: him, tell*, because, read, sleep*

Whole Group Phonics:


Endings (s, ed, ing)

long a (a-e, ai, ay)

long o (o-e, oa, ow, oe)


Place Value

Comparing Numbers

Comparing Sets




Economics (Producers, Consumers, Saving Money, Making Choices)

President’s Day-George Washington and Thomas Jefferson


January 2019

We have finished the first semester of first grade! We will continue to build reading and math skills this month. Here is what we are doing:



1.9c, e, f: relate previous experience; ask and answer questions; identify theme

1.9d: make and confirm predictions

1.2d: participate in creative dramatics

1.9f, g: identify characters, setting, events; retell story

Word Wall Words:

1/7: how, over, make*, made*, gave*

1/14: was, her, little, ride*, both

1/21: does, those*, take*, that*, which

1/28: there, for, me*, had*, use

Vocabulary Words:

1/7: proud, charmed, decision, hundred, cardinal direction

1/14: prize, watch, own, sequence, map legend

1/21: someday, chance, landed, story problem, capital

1/28: election, results, demanded, tens and ones, services


1/7: Counting and Writing numbers to 110, starting at any number 1.1b

1/14: Oral counting backwards from 30 and Oral skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s 1.1d and c

1/21: Story problems 1.6

1/21: Place value 1.2


1.5: Maps: Symbols, Cardinal Directions, Constructing a Map, Shapes of US and Virginia, locate Washington DC and Richmond on map

1.4: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1.7: Economics: Goods and Services

December 2018

We are finishing up our 2nd nine weeks. We will continue to work hard until Winter Break. Here is what we are learning:



1.10 d, g
-text features
-Identify Main Idea and key details
1.10d, g
-text features
-Identify Main Idea and key details
1.10b, c, f, g
-background knolwedge
-set a purpose
-Ask and Answer questions
-Identify Main Idea and key details

ABC Order

Word Wall Words:
down*, new*, want, be, fast
found, kind*, call*, sit*, old*
who, what, where, when, why*, will*

Vocabulary Words:
safe, fat, hibernate, cents, tame
different, size, guard, value, appendages
decorate, powerful, return, wilt

Coin Values & Equivalencies
Counting like Coins

Animals 1.5
Animal Project 1.5
Winter 1.7

November 2018

We are into our second nine week of school. We are getting into a good routine and learning a lot! We are growing in our reading and math skills. Here is what we are learning this month:


1.10 a, b, c, f
-Preview selection
-Use background knowledge
-Set a purpose for reading
-Answer questions
1.10 d, e, f
-text features
-Make and confirm predictions
-Ask and answer questions
1.10 b, f
-Use background Knowledge
-Ask and answer questions

L Blends
R Blends
Endings-ng and nk

Word Wall Words
some, from, us, with, yellow
come, play*, no*, your, green
best*, them, when, sing*, drink*

1.9 Telling Time to the hour and half-hour
1.14 Patterns

1.11 American Symbols
1.1 Experiments
1.5 Animals

October 2018

We are finishing up the first nine weeks. We are getting into a good routine and learning a lot! We are growing in our reading and math skills.

Reading: In reading group, we are working to build decoding skills, vocabulary, and comprehension of stories we are reading. Keep reading the books sent home each night. This is great practice for fluency.
1.9 e,f,g: Ask and answer questions about fiction; Identify characters, setting, and important events; Retell story in order
1.10f: Answering Questions about non-fiction
1.10 a,b,c: Preview a selection; Use background knowledge; Set a Purpose for reading (Non-Fiction)
1.10 d: Text Features (pictures)

Writing: Please continue to practice writing sentences at home. We have discussed using capital letters, spaces, and punctuation. This is a skill that students understand but often forget when writing. Please practice!

Vocabulary Words:
Week of 10/1: jealous, reached, wrong, addition, explorer
Week of 10/8: miniature, rarely, frightened, subtraction, contribution
Week of 10/15: covered, tiny, collect, number sentence, deciduous
Week of 10/22: scatter, freeze, change, join, force
Week of 10/29: direction, gust, travel, separate, vibrate

Word Wall Words Remember the words with an asterisk* can be used to spell other words.
Week of 10/1: get*, is, said, my*, you
Week of 10/8: find, help, into, black*, then*
Week of 10/15: brown*, funny, yes, now*, so
Week of 10/22: thank, of, look*, see*, will*
Week of 10/29: eat*, why, she, all*, first


10/1 Part-Whole Relationships to 10 Composing 1.7
10/8 Part-Whole Relationships to 10 Decomposing 1.7
10/15 Addition and Subtraction Fluency to 10; Making 10 1.7
10/22 Story Problems to 10 1.6
10/29 Story Problems to 10 1.6

Science/Social Studies:
1.3 Christopher Newport, Pocahontas and Powhatan. The influential Virginian project is due October 10th.
1.7 Fall
1.2 Force and Motion

Homework: Please continue to do your tic tac toe math homework. Also, please mark the 3 word work activities you complete on the sheet glued at the bottom of math tic tac toe and sign. Homework is turned in each Friday.

Classroom Announcements:
*Conferences are Oct. 25th, 3:45-7:45 and Nov. 6th, 8:30-11:30. It is important that I meet or talk with each parent. If you haven’t scheduled a conference, please do so.
*At the end of the month, we will be doing an orange tasting. More information will be coming. Be thinking of some orange food your child can share with the class.
*If you’re able to help, here are some things needed for the classroom: black flair pens, page protectors, pipe cleaners

September 2018

We are off to a great start to the school year!!!

Here are our learning focuses for this month:



1.9 d, e
-Make and confirm predictions
-Answer Questions

1.9e, f, g
-Answer questions
-Identify characters, setting, important events
-Retell stories

Word Wall Words:
9/4: big*, it*, who, to, have
9/10: good, ran*, let*, fly*, if
9/17: in*, what, did, like*, red*
9/25: run*, but*, are, they, where

Vocabulary Words:
9/4: thought, normal, embarrassed, skip counting, light
9/10: afraid, stomped, tremble, vertices, rises and sets
9/17: never, finally, wonderful, sort, present
9/24: ease, swallow, mope, settlement

1.1d Skip Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s
1.11 Shapes
1.13 Sorting
1.3 Ordinal Numbers

1.6 Sun & Earth
1.1g Past and Present
1.2a Jamestown

August 2018


I am very excited for this new school year. On this web-page, you will find what we are learning each month. On the homework page, you will find our weekly words.

For August we are learning:


1.9 a, b, c
Preview the selection,
Set a purpose for reading,
Relate previous experience

Word Wall Words:
Week of 8/13: a, I, an, at, am
Week of 8/20: go, on, the, and, blue
Week of 8/27: here, jump, can, not, we

Vocabulary Words:
Week of 8/20: enough, instant, don’t, number, honest
Week of 8/27: pretend, considerate, furious, backwards, precipitation


Number Talks to 10

Count backwards 30-0
Focus: 20-0


1.10 Citizenship

1.7 Summer