We are halfway through the first nine weeks of school. The students are doing a good job learning our routine. Here is what we will be focusing on during this month:


Stories of the Week: “A Party for Bob”; “Bunnies and the Fox”; “Surprise for Zig Bug”; and Fall books and articles

1.9d Predictions(fiction)
1.9 e Answer who, what, where, when questions (fiction)
1.9c Relate Previous experiences (fiction)
1.9h Main Idea or Theme (fiction)
1.9g Beginning, Middle, End (fiction)
1.10e Predictions (non-fiction)
1.10g Main Idea and Details (non-fiction)

Word Wall Words:
in, what, I, did, like, get, said, my, is, you, are, they, where, fun, but

Whole Group Phonics:
Short ‘o’; Short ‘e’; Review short ‘a’,’e’, ‘i’, ‘o’

Writing telling sentences; Generating ideas; Staying on topic; Spelling phonetically when writing

Writing #s 1-9; Letter ‘Ll’; Letter ‘Ii’; Letter ‘Tt’


Compare Numbers to 30 and Equality (SOL 1.1)
Ordinal Numbers (CCPS)
Add/Subtract 1 and 2 (SOL 1.5)
Story Problems (SOL 1.6)

Unit (Science and Social Studies):
Columbus Day (SOL 1.3)
Motion (SOL 1.2)
Seasons-Fall (SOL 1.7)


We are enjoying the first month of school. We are learning how to do reading and math stations and word study! This is a busy time with learning the routine.

Here are some of the concepts we are learning this month:

Reading: Using prior knowledge, Answering questions about a story, Using picture and text clues to read.

Math: Shapes, Sorting

Unit: American Symbols

Remind 101: Receive Texts about our class

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Welcome Back

Welcome Back! Our school year is about to begin. Here are some important upcoming dates:

Open House:
Wednesday, Aug. 28–6:00-7:00 pm
Thursday, Aug. 29–10:00-11:30 am

You are welcome to bring your child’s supplies with you to Open House. I look forward to meeting everyone.